Time and Dates

Monday, Jan 29th: Evening welcome event
Tuesday, Jan 30th: ECA2030 workshop from 9:00 until 17:00 Evening social event
Wednesday, Jan 31st: ECA2030 workshop from 9:00 until 17:00
Location and time for the Evening Events will be announced soon.


The workshop event will take place at CCA (Andratx)

There is a bus transfer booked for 120 passengers staying in Andratx, for all needed transfers,
i.e. round trips for the following

  • Monday Jan 29th Hotel Andratx area to welcome event
  • Tuesday Jan 30th Hotel Andratx area to CCA Andratx
  • Tuesday Jan 30th Hotel Andratx area to social evening event
  • Wednesday Jan 31st Hotel Andratx area to CCA Andratx


For your convenience, there is a large contingent of rooms blocked at Steigenberger hotel.

  • For a proper booking, you need to send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your booking requirements.
  • Please indicate ECA2030 event in the subject in order to benefit from the contingent price.
  • The agreed price for the first 120 rooms is 112€/night (including breakfast buffet, use of the Royal Spa,
    WiFi and VAT).
  • The deadline for the contingent price is Dec 15th, 2017.


We kindly ask you to register under before Dec 15th, 2017.
The participant fee for attending the ECA2030 workshop is 150€ each day.




Background and Purpose Statement

  • ECA2030 is the roadmap workshop to discuss the next evolution cycles, technology
    gaps and limits of today´s technologies to pave the way for the electric, connected,
    automated car for the 2030 customer (ECA-cars).
  • In 2030, the electric, connected and automated car will become Mainstream. On a
    global scale, today´s yearly manufacturing volume of more then 80 Mio
    conventional cars will contain a share of estimated 40 Mio ECA-cars in 2030, which
    have to be produced in a sustainable way.
  • As a consequence of this disruptive change, we need to define not only the needed
    technology basis, but also to identify possible gaps to gain and keep the
    sovereignty and the IP to build our cars in and for Europe.
  • ECA2030 is especially driven along the ECS value chain by research topics based on
    semiconductors, embedded control, seamless communication, advanced
    algorithms and system integration including the needed materials. Key migration
    parameter, the DNA of the technologies, must be defined for the next evolution
  • We will discuss the burning topics such as de-carbonization by developing clean,
    affordable and sustainable propulsion, intelligence on board, connectivity, sensors
    and sensor fusion, data availability and sharing, and how to define the interface to
    provide the data for the infrastructure and services for smart personal mobility and
    logistics. Additionally we need innovative new materials for better magnetic coils
    and capacitive properties which still contribute to 50% of the compactness and
    costs, and also thermal electrical management counting for 50% of the sub-system
    weight and volume.
  • The next challenge is the central brain in a car to replace the human driver in fully
    automated driving. Also, the design for human centred mobility is the key to the
    end user acceptance and to address, in the first place, the human needs and not
    engineering design parameters.
  • Does Europe have the technologies and the IP for number crunching units, to
    enable the complex data fusion of already 12 cameras and radar sensors to provide
    the 360° round view?
  • Do we really have all the necessary conditions on hand? Technological sovereignty
    and sourcing is a natural question – especially, if someone says “America first”.

Expected Outcome

  • The goal is to find European strength and gaps in respect of required technologies
    when the electric, connected and automated car becomes Mainstream, expected
    in 2030; and also to facilitate cross domain expertise.
  • We will challenge the inspiration and contributions from different transportation
    domains. Cross domain knowledge shall facilitate a roadmap for mutual
    understanding among the disciplines to build the ECA-car2030.
  • We will stipulate communication to align the understanding of the next evolution
    cycles, technology gaps and limits of today´s technologies from top of the
    application down to components, such as semiconductors, batteries and even
    semiconductors in fuel cell technologies.
  • The discussion is an experiment to understand and translate our vision into the
    right research and to put this in a strategic research roadmap.
  •  At Mallorca, an inspiring and cheerful place, we expect to have stimulating
    presentations to pave our way towards a successful implementation of our
    Lighthouse Mobility4.E, based on our EV- projects.

Workshop Implementation, Agenda scheme and Invited Audience

  • Speakers from inside and outside of several H2020- and ECSEL-projects (AutoDrive,
    3Ccar, OSEM-EV, SilverStream, STEVE and others) are asked to stipulate the
  • We will invite decision makers from the automotive industry (OEM´s, Tier1,
    Semiconductors) contributing as partner to the research projects above. We will
    also invite the Funding partner in the sense of public private partnerships to share
    opinions and strategies.
  • The intention is to discuss our proposed solutions, including performance of
    electrical storages towards electrification, connectivity, automatization driven by
    of subsystems in cars.
  • It shall be a working event to bring cross transportation domain requirements and
    expertise together.
  • We will discuss the steadily increasing complexity needed to fulfil functional
    integration, for further productivity and cost savings.
  • We will analyse the path towards more safety, such as fail operational
  • There are customer needs which will be addressed by the next level of efficiency,giving range and predictable mileage. Where do we have to move, when we integratefunctionalities and furthermore applications?
  • The increased complexity must be addressed by more holistic solutions, architectures and higher performance, realized by technologies.

Framework provided by the Lighthouse Mobility4.E

In the frame of the ECSEL Lighthouse Mobility4.E, driven by the AutoDrive project, and in cooperation with the ECSEL JU, we like to invite you for this roadmap workshop:

  • We´ll build a creative environment on how to apply and understand European objectives down to relevant technologies: Facilitate the Vision Zero accidents by automated driving, EV as mainstream and All Electrical aircraft
  • The Lighthouse Mobility4.E facilitates and organises the road-map contributionsVoice of industrial stakeholders, funding organisations, standardisation and certification bodies, public audience
  • Residual risks and user acceptance due to dual mode traffic conditions
  • The event is organized in the format of a Workshop


For the Venue, Mallorca was chosen due to several benefits compared to other European conference centres:

  • Spanish companies and research institutes have a remarkable share in the participating project consortia. The City of Palma and the Municipality of Calvià are represented by project partners in H2020 STEVE. The SME AnySolution is based in Mallorca, developing strategic methodologies in the field of smart cities. Good contacts are also established to the Chamber of Commerce and the University of the Balearic Islands.
  • The event is organized by TECNALIA Foundation, who has successfully organized the 3Ccar Vision Meeting at Málaga in 2015, including a technological discussion with the City representatives.
  • The island is a common venue for various conferences: It offers excellent direct transport links to numerous European airports. Mallorca can be easily and economically accessed from many cities in less than 2.5 hours. Due to the excellent infrastructure and available hotel capacity, a straightforward and successful conduction of the workshop can be expected.

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