To achieve and validate the demanding overall project targets, the multidisciplinary consortium of AutoDrive has defined three groups of supply chains (SC). A supply chain is centered on common research topics and demonstrators and defines the needed interfaces between the work packages that are necessary for its realization. The three groups of supply chains in AutoDrive are defined according to the value strategy:

The core of the project is made out of the “Technology Enabler” supply chains which demonstrate the outcome of vertical research. It covers semiconductor components, embedded systems, powertrain components as well as integration aspects. This supply chain cluster includes Fail-operational 800V automotive powertrain (SC4), Safe, secure and low latency communication (SC5), Acquisition, 360° sensing, perception, environmental awareness (SC6), Embedded intelligence and systems for automated driving (SC7) and Fail aware components and health prediction (SC8)

Results achieved by the technology enablers will be validated in the horizontal “Output Enabler” supply chains to build products. Output enabling supply chains include Fully automated driving and flying systems targeting SAE level 5 (SC1), Highly automated driving ­– SAE level 4 (SC2), Cooperative active safety for automated driving – SAE level 3 (SC3)

Third, these innovative products will form the basis to generate European Values to be quantified and reflect the economic, societal, and pan-European impact of AutoDrive. Two European-values generating supply chains are considered in AutoDrive, namely End-user acceptance to robust and affordable systems, standardisation (SC9) and Impact on vehicle and road safety (vision 2020, vision zero) (SC10).

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